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Service Charter

The “ Services’ Card” was introduced  in the Italian regulations since a relatively short time ( the first instruction in the matter being enacted with DPCM, January 27th1994), aiming to shape the public service to enhance its efficiency  and to better answer the needs of the users.

The social enterprise DM-RiAbilita (ex Protos Abilita) s.r.l., part of UILDM Venezia ODV felt the need to adopt a “ Services’  Card” in order to ensure more clarity for the consumer and  to protect his rights and expectations. It’s provided, in this regard, the possibility of making claims through a predefined and guaranteed procedure.

The social enterprise DM-RiAbilita s.r.l. di UILDM Venezia ODV, implementsthrough the “service card”,  a promise addressed to the recipients of their duties, with regard to “quality”, to “times”, as well as “remedies” to possible malfunctions and shortcomings.

The “card” focuses on the principles of equality, impartiality, continuity, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as participation.

The principles of equality and impartiality guarantee the equality of all users and avoid discrimination, taking into account the diversity of needs. The principle of continuity guarantees Protos’ commitment to enable the service to continue over time.

The principle of participation ensures the flexibility of the service, its continuous adaptation to medical scientific evolution, and, in particular, its adaptation to the needs expressed by users, as well as the emergence of new needs to which we can respond with our organization.